My Story

For me, Scentsy started as an experiment.  At the time, I was a Partylite consultant.  I was bored with Partylite and becoming increasingly concerned with being able to burn my candles with the addition of my (now almost 2 yr. old son).  He's an extremely active and curious little guy.. so having candles burning was no longer an option.  I also found myself increasingly disappointed with how long the scents would last.  For me, it was always about the scent.  I love having a home that smells good.  Here in Alaska, our winters are looooong, dark, and can be a bit depressing.  The right scent burning in your home can make the longest winter bearable.So I took a chance and asked a friend if I could try some of her Scentsy cubes in my Partylite warmer.  I was instantly hooked.  The fragrance had an amazing payoff.. and I found I really connected on a personal level with my newfound Scentsy friend.  She and I have almost identical concerns and life goals as mothers and wives. I really can't say enough about this company and how easy and FUN it is to make a decent income from home.  As a stay at home mom who desires to STAY at home with her kids, Scentsy is a PERFECT fit.  Let's face it, daycare nowadays is obscenely unaffordable for most.  If you go back to work to help supplement your household income, 90% of it will go towards childcare just so you CAN work. Scentsy allows me the freedom to stay at home with my kiddos, contribute financially to my family, AND have fun doing something I'm passionate about.These Words to Live By were recently featured in the Scentsy magazine and I think it embodies this company, as well as my personal values, so much:  Give more than you take, love without restriction, share from an abundant spirit, and live with all your being.Scentsy really does make perfect scents.  ;)  Here's my Scentsy Timeline thus far.. :D  Right now I'm working towards my regular monthly goals as well as Scentsy's Rock the Republic Incentive Trip.  I would love to gift my husband with the all-expense paid Honeymoon we never got! 8/19 - Sign-up Date!8/26 - Earned my Shooting Star Achievement and Sensational Start Lvl 18/28 - Added my first Team Member (love you girl!)8/29 - Jumped two levels and promoted to Lead9/1 - Made Sensational Start Lvl 2 and added my second Team Member (love you too!)9/27 - A little over a month since signing up, Promoted to Star and earned my Monthly Sales Achievement for $2000 in sales.  :)10/26 - Made Sensational Start Lvl 3 (highest level achievable)!!  Thank you Angela for placing the order that pushed me over!If *I* can have success with Scentsy is tiny little Homer, Alaska.. YOU CAN TOO!  <!--endbody-->